Company formation and accounting in Latvia
Company formation and registration in Latvia is a small company (enterprise). The main activities since Year, 2008 are registration of companies in Latvia and accounting (tax) services.
The enterprise is registered in Latvia and the permanent place of residence of the owner (employee) is Latvia, Riga.

If you have decided to start a business activities in Latvia, then you are welcome to read the information about business in Latvia and services provided by I hope that the information will help you make the best choice. will provide you necessary information and services:
  • Consultations on the choice of the form of economic activity. For example:
    • an individual who registered economic activities with the State Revenue Service,
    • an individual who is registered in the Commercial Register (the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia),
    • a capital company - a legal entity (limited liability company or joint-stock company),
    • a branch office of a foreign enterprise,
    • a personal company (partnership).
  • Preparation of documents and legal services necessary for the registration of economic and commercial activities.
    Founders of the capital society can register a company without visiting Latvia (documents can be sent by post or signed with a secure electronic signature and sent to the e-mail address).
  • Translation of documents from Russian and English into Latvian. For example, to register a branch or a representative office of a foreign enterprise, it is necessary to translate the charter (articles of association) and other documents.
    If the documents are not in the Latvian language and the documents must be submitted to the Register of Enterprises, then a translation is required.
  • Preparation of documents and legal services related to the purchase and sale of shares (stock) of the capital society, as well as related to the registration of various changes (for example, change of legal address, name, board of directors, articles of association).
  • Preparation of documents and necessary activities in the State Revenue Service (for example, registration in the register of the value added tax taxable persons).
  • Services related to taxes. Consultations on the application of taxes (including consultations related to personal and company income taxes, state social insurance mandatory payments, value added tax).
  • Accounting services. Including:
    • consultations (information) about the requirements of legislation in connection with the preparation of source (primary) documents (for example, the preparation of invoices, bills),
    • drafting employment contracts and filing reports related to starting and termination of employment relations,
    • accounting of working hours, calculation of wages/salaries and taxes, submission of employer's reports,
    • if necessary, preparation of payment orders in the Internet bank,
    • registration (recording) of accounting source (primary) documents in the accounting ledgers,
    • preparation value-added tax declarations and preparation other declarations and reports,
    • reconciliation of accounting balances (debts) with debtors and creditors,
    • preparation of annual report. provides high-quality services and an individual approach to solving your questions.
Also, provides loyalty, confidentiality and fast and accurate performance of its duties.
The activity of is aimed at long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with Customers.

If you have any questions about registration of enterprises, taxes or accounting, please write to Languages ​​of communication - Latvian, Russian and English.
Also please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

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