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How to register (signup)?

At top of the page, at left side, click on the button "Signup".
In corresponding input fields:
  • Type your email address.
  • Choose and enter password.
  • Repeat the chosen password.
Check the email, you typed during registration (signup).
The program automatically sends email with confirmation link. If you do not see the email check spam folder. Open the letter and click on confirmation link.
To login, enter your email and password.

Requirements for password.

Minimum number of characters - 8 characters. Password must be less than 51 character long.
Must use latin letters in password.
Password must contain at least one digit, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter and one of following characters ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ +

Login into system.

To login, enter your email and password. If only you use the computer, then you can check the checkbox near "Remember me". In such case you will not need to enter email and password to login next time (you will login automatically).
You can add this website to bookmarks.

How to prepare invoice?

After login, by default, opens page where you can prepare new invoice (you can see highlighted button "New invoice").
If you want to prepare new invoice, click on button "New invoice".
Type or copy-paste necessary information and click on button "Create document".
If you want to prepare invoice, using (copying) existing invoice (for example, need to change only date and invoice number), then:
  • Click button "My invoices".
  • Choose invoice, you want to copy. For example in input field "Client company" choose name of a client. Click on button "Show".
  • Click on appropriate icon
  • When the invoice is copied, information about the invoice is displayed in a green frame. To edit an invoice, click appropriate icon
  • Change necessary information and click button "Update document".

How to edit invoice?

  • Click button "My invoices".
  • Choose invoice, you want to edit. For example in input field "Client company" choose name of a client. Click on button "Show".
  • To edit the invoice, click appropriate icon
  • Change necessary information and click button "Update document".

Is it possible to delete prepared invoices?

Such option is not available.
If you mistakenly prepared any invoice, you can check the checkbox near "Draft".
Unnecessary (wrong) invoice latter you can edit / correct, entering necessary and correct data.

What you can do with prepared invoices?

Clicking on appropriate buttons, you can the prepared invoice:
  • Show on display (clicking button "Show PDF invoice").
  • Save on your computer (clicking button "Save to computer").
  • Send to client email (clicking button "Send PDF invoice").
Also list with prepared invoices you can export and save on your computer.

Page "My invoices".

Click on button "My invoices" to open a page, where according to your settings, you can prepare a list with invoices or find certain invoice.
You can choose following settings:
  • Period for which to show invoices. Click on "Set last month" to set it. You can choose another period, clicking corresponding input field and choosing necessary date.
  • In input field "My company" you can choose necessary company. In such case you will see list with only those invoices, where seller / services provider is the company.
  • In input field "Client company" you can choose certain buyer / service receiver. In such case you will see only invoices which are issued for that client.
  • By default you will see both drafts and non drafts. You can choose only drafts or only non drafts.

After you created a list or found certain invoice, you can:
  • Show the invoice on display (clicking left button of a mouse on date, number of the invoice).
  • Save certain invoice on your computer. To save at first click right button of a mouse on date, number of corresponding invoice. You will see menu, where you can choose option "Save link as". Then choose folder where to save the file.
  • Edit certain invoice, clicking on icon
  • Copy certain invoice, clicking on icon

Page "My company".

There you can see list of your companies (sellers and service providers). Clicking on corresponding icon , you can change information about the company.
Please, take into account that data will be changed also in previously created invoices. If certain company changed, for example, name and in previously created invoices you want to keep previous name, then:
  • Click on icon . You will open page with data about the company.
  • Check the checkbox near "Not used".
  • Click on button "Update".
  • Prepare new invoice with necessary data. You can copy existing invoice and change necessary data.

Page "Partners".

In this page you can see list with clients (buyers, service receivers). You can manage data in the same way as in page "My company".

Page "Export".

In the same way as in page "My invoices", you can filter the invoices, you want to export.
Exported data will be saved in text (.txt) file.
Save the file on your computer. You can open the file using MS Office Excel. To open the file, with right button of a mouse click on the file, then choose "Open with" and choose MS Office Excel or other spreadsheet program.
Following data is exported:
  • Date, when invoice is issued.
  • Number of invoice.
  • Name of client.
  • Total amount of invoice.

Page "Settings".

In this page you can choose a way how invoices are numbered.

Button "Logout".

If during login you checked the checkbox near "Remember me", then opening the program next time, you will not need to enter email and password. If you want to keep such settings, then do not click the button "Logout". To stop work with the program, simply close web browser (or tab of web browser).
You should click the button "Logout", if you want to enter email and password for login (for example, if not only you uses certain computer). In such case after logout you should also close web browser.

Send prepared invoice to email.

After you created new invoice or updated existing invoice, at bottom of a page you can see button "Send PDF invoice". If you want to send the invoice to email of a client:
  • Click on button "Send PDF invoice".
  • If there are empty input fields for your email and client's email, enter the emails.
  • After all necessary input fields are filled, click on button "Send". You will see information that the invoice is sent.
To email of a client (receiver of invoice) the program will send a letter with attached PDF invoice.

Numbering of invoices.

By default number of invoice is created in following way:
  • By default number starts with letter "A". In corresponding input field you can write another letter or multiple letters.
  • Second part of number are digits. Starting with 1. For each of your companies (sellers / service providers) numbering is separated.

Second way of numbering is following:
  • Invoice number starts with the digits (numbers) of the corresponding month and year. Month / year are separated with slash.
  • At the end of invoice number you can add letters and digits (for example for each client different letters, digits).
If you choose second way (option) for numbering, and you edit "Draft" invoice, the program will automatically change numbers of month / year (to current month / year).

Language in invoices.

PDF invoices are displayed in the same language, you use for program.
If you want to display invoice (except your input) in another language, then choose the language at the top of web page.
Each language has own identification number (English - 1, Russian - 2, Latvian - 3, Spanish - 4). If in web browser you open prepared invoice (button "Show PDF" invoice) and want to change language, then in address bar, at the end of address, change number and press Enter.

Input fields creating and updating invoice.

To prepare invoice, you must enter (choose) at least following data:
  • Name of seller / service provider.
  • Name of buyer / service receiver.
  • Name of goods, services.
  • Amount of goods, services.
  • Price for one unit.
  • Type of document.
  • Number of document. Depending on numeration option, program may create number after you filled input field for name of seller / service provider.

Web browsers, you can use for the program.

The program was tested using following web browsers:
  • Firefox 53.0.2 (32-bit),
  • Google Chrome 57.0.2987.133,
  • Internet Explorer 11,
  • Microsoft Edge.

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