Company formation and accounting in Latvia
Company formation and registration in Latvia contains information about company formation and registration in Latvia, and also about Latvian taxes and accounting. is administered by a limited liability company DN-NP, registered in Latvia, Riga.
DN-NP specializes in providing services related with commercial law of the Republic of Latvia (legal services related with registration of companies in Latvia).

If you have decided to start a business in Latvia, then you are welcome to read the information about business in Latvia and services provided by DN-NP. I hope that the information will help you make the best choice.

Below is a list of some of the services offered by the DN-NP:
  • Consultations relating to registration of a company in Latvia as well as consultations related to Latvian taxation and accounting.
  • Preparation of documents necessary for registration of a company in Latvia.
  • Submission of documents to the Register of Enterprises of Latvia (Commercial Register).
  • Receiving of the reviewed (examined) documents from the Register of Enterprises.
  • Company registration as taxpayer (VAT payer) with the State Revenue Service.
  • Consultations relating to taxes of the Republic of Latvia.
  • Accounting services.

You can form a company without your presence in Latvia. After the registration, DN-NP can send the registration documents to your postal address. If necessary, DN-NP can legalize documents or attach Apostille. According to Latvian legislation, Latvian company can open a bank account outside Latvia (Latvian company must inform the State Revenue Service about all bank accounts opened outside Latvia).

DN-NP provides highly qualified services relating to registration of enterprises in Latvia, and provides an individual approach to find a solution in your situation. DN-NP also ensures loyalty, confidentiality and the fastest fulfillment of duties to register company in Latvia.
DN-NP is focused on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with customers.

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