Company formation and accounting in Latvia
Last updated: 2012-07-10
The Register of enterprises of the Republic of Latvia is governmental institution and manages the commercial register. Information about all merchants (limited liability companies, joint stock companies, partnerships and sole traders) are recorded in commercial register.

The commercial register contains essential facts about merchants, for example name (firm of a merchant), legal address, representatives (members of board of directors), equity capital.
The list of shareholders of a limited liability company is not recorded in the commercial register (a governmental notary does not record shareholders in the register), the list of shareholders is only added to the file of a particular company.
Unlike limited liability companies list of stockholders of joint stock company need not to submit to the commercial register. So the third persons from the commercial register can not receive information about owners of shares of joint stock company. If shares of particular joint stock company are quoted on the stock exchange then ownership of shares records Latvian Central Depository.
Any person has the rights to get information about the records of the commercial register, as well as to read the documents submitted in the commercial register.

Any person upon written request and after payment of the state duty has rights to obtain information about the records in the commercial register, and can receive paper or electronic form copies or extracts from documents.
The commercial register confirms the correctness of the requested document, except if an applicant renounces from the confirmation.
If a person requires electronic document (copy or excerpt) from the Register of enterprise, the person can require paper form confirmation of correctness of the electronic document.

After receiving a request, an official of the register issues a certificate stating that a certain record in the register is not changed, as well as information about the fact that in the commercial register is not made a certain record.

Any person upon written request has rights to receive a statement from the commercial register about each application received regarding any merchant (company or sole trader).

Ensuring publicity of information that is important in commercial relationships, the commercial register operates on behalf of merchants, business partners and general public.

Information about a fact that a governmental notary made certain record in the commercial register, is published in official newspaper of the Republic of Latvia - Latvijas Vēstnesis.

About legal force of the commercial register read here.

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