Company formation and accounting in Latvia
Last updated: 2012-07-10
If owners (or management) of a foreign merchant (company) decides to do business in Latvia, then:
  • the foreign company may register Latvian company and be an owner of Latvian company or
  • owners (or management) of the foreign company may register Latvian company with shareholders other than the foreign company, or
  • the foreign company may register branch office in Latvia.

To record a branch of a foreign merchant in the commercial register, you must submit an application and other required documents.

The application must include:
  • The registration number of the foreign merchant and the name of the register in which the foreign merchant is recorded (if the legislation of the country of registration of the foreign merchant requires entry into the register);;
  • A firm (name) of the foreign merchant;
  • Type of the foreign merchant (for example, limited liability company);
  • Legal address (registered office) of the foreign merchant;
  • A firm (name) of the branch if it differs from the name of the foreign company;
  • Legal address of the branch;
  • Amount of equity (share) capital of the foreign company (separately must write the amount of registered, subscribed and paid equity capital);
  • Name, surname, personal code (or birth date), address and passport data of the person that is authorized to represent the foreign merchant in activities associated with the branch;
  • The extent of authorization for the person to represent the branch (either in full or for particular activities).

The application must be accompanied by the following documents:
  • A document confirming the registration of the merchant in a foreign country, or a notary certified copy of the document, if the legislation of a country of registration of the foreign merchant requires entry into the register,
  • Permission to open a branch, if it is provided by law,
  • A certified copy of the articles of association of the merchant, memorandum or similar document,
  • Document confirming the authorization to represent the foreign merchant in all activities associated with the branch, and the scope of the authorization,
  • Consent of the immovable property owner to register a legal address in the immovable property (consent is not required if the application is signed by the person who owns the immovable property).

If the documents are not in the Latvian language, then you must attach a notary certified translation into Latvian.

The branch of the foreign merchant is not a legal person, The foreign merchant (company) is liable for obligations of the branch.

Foreign merchant has the right to open representative office in Latvia. Representative office is not a legal entity and does not have the right to conduct business in Latvia.

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