Company formation and accounting in Latvia
Last updated: 2012-07-10
A branch office is an organizationally independent part of a company. A branch office is territorially or otherwise separated from the main company. At the location of a branch office on behalf of the merchant (company) systematic business activities are conducted.

For some reasons a merchant (company) may decide to open a branch office. Need to note, for example, if main location of a company is in Riga and the company management decides to open a shop in Liepāja, then the company may register a structural entity in the State revenue service and there is no requirement to register a branch office.
Possible reason to open a branch office, may be to give greater independence for some structural entity.

If a merchant has decided to open a branch office, then the merchant must:
• choose a legal address of the branch,
• choose a person - representative of the branch,
• prepare special application to enter/record the branch office in the commercial register (governmental register) and other documents,
• pay state duty and payment for publication and submit documents to the Register of enterprises.

The application must include:
• Firm (name) of the merchant,
• The registration number of the merchant,
• Firm of the branch office, if it is different from the name of the merchant,
• Legal address of the branch office,
• Information about the person that is authorized to represent a merchant in activities associated with the branch; also must contain information about the scope of authority.

To the application must add:
• a consent of the immovable property owner to register a legal address in the immovable property (consent is not required if the application is signed by the person who owns the immovable property),
• document about payment of the state duty and
• document about payment for publication in the official newspaper (Latvijas Vēstnesis).

The documents for registration of a branch office must submit to the department of the Register of enterprises according to the legal address of the branch office or according to the legal address of the company.

If you pay standard state duty, then the Register of enterprises examines documents during 3 working days.

If to compare number of registered limited liability companies and number or registered branch offices of Latvian company, then number of registered branch offices is only 0.4% from number of registered limited liability companies.

The branch office can be excluded from the commercial register:
• Based on the application of the merchant to close the branch office
• If a merchant is excluded from the register.

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