Company formation and accounting in Latvia
The purpose of below written is not to prove that is better than other companies engaged in business registration in Latvia. I have not worked with other companies so can not judge - they are better or not. is a company that is registered in the commercial register of the Republic of Latvia. The company operates in Riga, Latvia. Specialization - services related to commercial law (mainly company formation in Latvia) and accounting - tax services for the companies, registered in Latvia.
So if you want to do business in Latvia, can offer you complex services:
  • starting from choosing appropriate company type,
  • services, necessary for company formation (to register company),
  • advice to choose appropriate tax regime,
  • registration as value added tax payer,
  • communication with Latvian tax authority,
  • accounting services,
  • preparation of documents to register necessary changes in the commercial register.

We can communicate in Russian and English.

Below you can read some information about The information may be a reason for choosing to work with.

Confidentiality. Information related to your company is not disclosed to unauthorized third persons. Latvian legislation defines circumstances when you must provide information about your business. For example, in case if Latvian tax authority examines a correctness of tax calculation, you ( as your representative) must provide accounting information and documents (contracts, invoices, bills, bank statements and other documents).

Practical experience since January 2008, doing accounting and registering companies in Latvia. All the time since 2008 accounting services and company formation have been (and is) the main business of

Experience in accounting for the different sectors of the international business (manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, various services).

Individual approach to each case / each Client.

Responsiveness and friendliness. In business communication we can use e-mail. The employee of usually responds to emails within 24 hours (during working days: Monday-Friday).

Strict observance of the legislation. will inform you about tax legislation requirements regarding your business. Calculating a price for your services and goods it would be necessary to take into account the tax expenses. To avoid possible problems with Latvian tax authorities and considerable difficulties for business, need to calculate all taxes according to legislation and to pay the calculated taxes in due time.

Conscientious fulfillment of duties. Transparency and honesty in relation with Clients.

Continuous improvement and innovation. also keeps up with the changes in Latvian legislation.

The desire to build long-lasting relationships with Clients.

Focusing on positive result.

Availability of services and competitive (reasonable) prices.

Why to choose Latvia as place of registration?

  • Simple and relitively fast procedure of registration of a new business.
  • The Republic of Latvia is the European Union and eurozone country and is European Union customs zone.
  • The relatively developed banking system.
  • In Latvia there are 3 rather large seaports (Riga, Ventspils and Liepāja) and convenient means of transport (railway and air transport).
  • In Latvia there is a developed communication infrastructure (mobile communication and fast internet).
  • Most of Latvian specialists, providing legal and finance services, speak Russian and English.
  • In Latvia there is a relatively low level of corruption.
  • Competitive tax regime.

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